Creating innovative medical products

through user-centered Design

Understanding Our Model

Benefiting everyone getting infusion treatment


Home Infusion/Hospital Use


Emergency Response/Military



Our goal is to better the lives of the millions of people who receive infusion treatments every day. With our product patients will be able to live their lives normally while receiving their treatment.



IV bag is directly on the body allowing for maximum mobility in any situation you are in. 


 Depending on the environment and situation you can wear our product mounted on the shoulder, slung across your body or even on your upper leg. 

Light Weight

It is light weight and compact which more comfortable for user and easier storage for provider. 

Shelf Life

There is no battery and pressure bag is replaceable which allows for no degrading and longer shelf life. 

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Where it all Started

After awarded 1st place in the Invent@SU competition with our product L-IV, MedUX has grown exponentially and become what it is today. 


“I wish I came up with this idea when I was still at Welch Allyn.”

Bill Allyn- Former CEO of Welch Allyn